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par Anne-Sophie Godfroy, Daniel Andler, Guillaume Blot, Marcel Skrobek, Pierre Saurel - publié le , mis à jour le

Pain and Suffering Interdisciplinary Program

Suffering is an ubiquitous experience with no universally accepted theoretical framework for its understanding. Scholars and clinicians working in a single discipline tend to offer one-dimensional accounts of Suffering and Pain. These accounts are often incommensurable with views arising in other fields, resulting in an explanatory gap between different approaches. It has become abundantly clear that an active interdisciplinary effort is required in order to develop a more integrative account of these widespread phenomena. This program aims at providing a structure to contain new explorations based on collaborative experimental, theoretical and clinical work. This framework will expose strong connections and radically divergent perspectives related to the questions of Suffering and Pain in the sciences and humanities. In bringing together figures and views from numerous domains, we expect to foster a constructive interaction that will fill the existing gap.