Sciences, normes, décision - 15 juin 2015 : Special Talk of Pnina Abir-Am (Brandeis University) on Rosalind Franklin

Sciences, normes, décision

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15 juin 2015 : Special Talk of Pnina Abir-Am (Brandeis University) on Rosalind Franklin

15 juin 2015 : Special Talk of Pnina Abir-Am (Brandeis University) on Rosalind Franklin

par Anne-Sophie Godfroy - publié le

This talk seeks to problematize and historicize Rosalind Franklin’s decision to change labs in 1950, (from Paris to London) and its far reaching ramifications for our (mis)understanding of the discovery of DNA structure. This discovery has been widely viewed as a major turning point in science in the second half of the 20th Century. The talk also seeks to go beyond previous emphases upon the respective roles of gender, race, and class in defining her predicament in the DNA story, (i.e. the delay of half a century, 1953-2003, in her inclusion among the discoverers of DNA structure) by interrogating the intersectionality of gender, race, and class in the prolonged confusion over her role in this discovery.

This talk is an special session of the Séminaire "femmes et savoirs : productions, circulation, représentations XVIIe-XXe" organinized by the Centre Alexandre Koyré. See [>] Speaker’s Bio : Dr. Pnina Geraldine Abir-Am has published widely in the history of molecular biology, the history of women and gender in science, and the history of public memory. She received an award for “outstanding research” from the History of Science Society in the Unites States. She taught in Canada, (Joint Chair of Women’s Studies at the bilingual university of Canada in Ottawa) Israel, (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and the United States, (Johns Hopkins University/ Baltimore, and University of California at Berkeley) and held research positions in these countries ; (among them as Dibner senior Research Fellow at a consortium based at MIT which also included Boston, Brandeis, and Harvard Universities) as well as in UK (The Wellcome Institute, London) and France (CNRS-CRHST-La Villette). Since 2007 she has been a resident scholar at Brandeis University’s Women’s Studies Research Center where she conducts research on cross-gender collaborations in science. During 2015 she has lectured “around the world in 80 days” (Tokyo in March ; Edinburgh in May ; Prague & Madrid in June). Recent pertinent publications include : 1)  Essay Review of : - My Sister Rosalind Franklin , (Oxford University Press, 2012) by Jenifer Glynn ; - Une Vie A Raconter, (Editions HD Temoignage, 2011) by Vittorio Luzzati ; - The Genesis of the Salk Institute, The Epic of Its Founders, (University of California Press, 2013) by Suzanne Bourgeois ; Endeavour , January 2015. (pdf encl) 2) ) “Women Scientists of the 1970s : An Ego-Histoire of a Lost Generation” in Writing Lives in Science : Auto/biography, Gender and Genre, Eds : Paola Govoni & Zelda A. Franceschi, Eds. (Gottingen : V&R Unipress, 2014) 223-261. 3)  “Pauling’s Boys and the Mystery of DNA Structure”. Proceedings of the International Workshop for History of Chemistry, Tokyo, March 2-4, 2015. (iwhc2015/, 5-1-2015) 

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