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Conditionals and Inferential Connections

par Anne-Sophie Godfroy, Daniel Andler, Guillaume Blot, Marcel Skrobek, Pierre Saurel - publié le , mis à jour le

Conditionals and Inferential Connections

Conférence d’Igor DOUVEN (Université de Groningue, Pays-Bas)

Abstract : Many have the intuition that for a conditional to be true,
there must exist some kind of connection between its antecedent and
its consequent. We investigated experimentally the prospects for
spelling out the connection in terms of inference. Participants were
shown or given by description a series of fourteen numbered color
patches ranging from blue to green. They were then asked to evaluate
conditionals pertaining to these patches which, in the context of the
experiment, are naturally thought of as embodying inferential
connections (such as ‘If patch number 5 is blue, then so is patch
number 4′). The data we obtained in this experiment are shown to be
better explained by a semantics for conditionals that makes
inferential connectedness a truth condition than by any of the
currently more popular semantics for conditionals.

Date et heure : le jeudi 10 octobre, 16h30-18h30

Lieu : salle D323, Maison de la Recherche (Paris IV), 28 rue Serpente,
75006 Paris